Staying on the cutting edge of technology and incorporating it into your child’s daily curriculum is a top priority at Chicago Park School.  Whether it be a kindergartener or 8th grader, all students have access to our computer lab, and receive appropriate grade level instruction in regards to using technology to prepare them for success in a digital world. Teachers receive professional development training on how to use technology to enhance their lesson presentations in the classroom.

The District supports teachers by providing at least one desktop and a laptop computer in each classroom.   Digital cameras, video cameras, projection monitors, and document cameras are in every classroom as well.

Chicago Park boasts three mobile carts, two of which support 50 chromebooks, and onecomputers that can be taken to classrooms. This gives students an opportunity to practice their keyboarding skills or go online and do research right from their own desk. We use Interactive White Boards and Student Response Systems (clickers) in many classrooms.  It is our goal to have these incredible tools in all 3-8 classes in the near future.

Here are a few more facts about technology at Chicago Park School:

  • We have a T-1 line for lightning fast internet connection.
  • A Technology Specialist is on-site to make sure our network is always updated and running smoothly. He is also available to provide teacher and student support when they come into the labs.
  • All K-5 students have access to Education City, an online research-based math and language arts support program.
  • All 6th through 8th grade students take a technology class incorporating keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills.